Sail into the future with our electric vessels

Going electric is easy with our top-of-the-line electrical tour boats and ferries.

Our fully electric large passenger boats and patented amphibian vessels are changing the industry by providing proven, reliable and innovative solutions that will drive ROI with your first passenger.

Driven by passenger safety and your bottom line, our electric fleet provides many advantages:

  1. Environmentally friendly: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and possible water contamination is key to preserving our waterways and planet. Electrical engines have a much lower negative environmental impact than their diesel counterparts. Furthermore, a new generation of environmentally conscious passengers will appreciate the move away from fossil fuels.
  2. No engine noise: electric vessels provide a much quieter ride and a more pleasant passenger experience, especially in a more rural setting.
  3. Less vibration: this means a more comfortable experience for both passengers and crew.
  4. Less engine maintenance: no oil changes, diesel filter changes, impeller changes and so on.
  5. No diesel spills: common oil spills contaminate waters, harm flora and fauna, and plague marinas.
  6. Less weight: electric engines typically weigh less than an internal combustion engine, so if you do not need to travel long ranges, you can save a lot of weight.
  7. Safer: the fire hazard of storing extra batteries is much less than storing extra gasoline.
  8. Funding: government funding available in most countries.
  9. Financing: our team of experts and lobbyist will assist you in getting sustainable tourism grants and public funding and other means of financing towards your contribution to the environment.

Furthermore, as we push toward reducing greenhouse gases and mitigating the environmental impacts of human activity, electric boats can open doors with government and make you eligible for certain grants.

Let's have a talk and feel the Eseidon experience for yourself. We can even arrange a test drive for you on the popular Rideau Canal. Our experienced team will answer all your questions and will be happy to guide you in your project.