Our Company

Eseidon, a branch of the well-known Ottawa Boat Cruise company, launched their brand new electric tour boat on May 26, 2016. The boat was tested in the waters of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

Eseidon is an innovative and environmentally friendly company that will be at the forefront of the evolution of a sustainable maritime tourism and people transport industry. By bringing new technologies that will provide new sustainable innovation to the world wide industry, we are creating a foundation for future growth, profit and expansion.

As part of the great Ottawa Boat Cruise corporation, we have over 30 years of navigation experience on the region’s different waterways. Eseidon is proud to have designed the largest fully electric passenger boat in North America, the only one of its kind.

100% electric vessel

About Our Electric Boat

In recent years, electric propulsion for boats has been growing in popularity, motivated by both a desire to reduce pollution and noise, and by the technology’s promise of being cheaper to operate and easier to maintain.

Eseidon propels its boat with a high-tech electric outboard motor. Using electric propulsion enables Eseidon boats to cruise in local reservoirs, where gas-powered motor boats aren’t allowed, a major advantage. This technology is also cheaper, cleaner, more convenient and involves less maintenance than dealing with gas rigs. With electric propulsion, you can run your business and cruises for less and get a greater return on your investment.

Our Electric vessels reduce 80% of GHG (Greenhouse gas).

We take pride in our work, strive for perfection and pay meticulous attention to detail. Our craftspeople have years of experience in building high-quality electric vessels.

Our electric boats are designed to be vibration free, with no exhaust and very little maintenance. The amphibian electric boat allows you to explore on land as well as on water.

Eseidon focuses on producing quieter, more stable boats, increasing passenger capacity, and always developing our product line. Our mission is to build quieter, vibration-free boats that do not emit exhaust or unpleasant smells at docking and undocking.

True sailors at heart, we cherish the feel of the sun and wind on our faces, the tranquility of the seas and the silence that surrounds us during our most memorable moments on deck. It is no secret, that at ESEIDON we are committed to doing our part to preserve our waterways and planet.

Let's have a talk and feel the Eseidon experience for yourself. We can even arrange a test drive for you on the popular Rideau Canal. Our experienced team will answer all your questions and will be happy to guide you in your project.