We assist you all the way

Our service offering includes consultation with a team of experts that help you assess your needs and define the best way to monetize your investment.

Our Methodology:

  • An initial contact with Eseidon’s president will ensure we have a complete understanding of your business, specifically the body of water on which you operate, your clientele and your business model;
  • Our team of experts will visit your operations to assess any restrictions and/or any specifications;
  • If possible, our team will tour your existing fleet;
  • Our team will assess your business specific needs, as for example: on-board snack bar or restaurant, electrical installation, tour duration, number of tours per day, passenger capacity, cruising speed, etc;
  • Our engineers will connect with your local coast guard or your regulatory government body to discuss regulations and compliance;
  • Plans will be submitted for your approval;
  • Plans will also be submitted to involve government agencies for approval;
  • Upon approval, design and manufacturing are set in motion and a delivery schedule is established;
  • Boat trial is performed;
  • Boat is inspected and certified;
  • Boat is delivered to client.

Eseidon will custom build ships to your needs and specifications.